• Civix Author

    The Civix Author Tool is simple-to-use XML authoring software, readily customized to enhance your existing publishing processes.

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  • Civix Server

    Civix Server is a fully searchable research website where you can access all of your current and archived content.

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  • Civix Publisher

    Civix Publisher doesn't just organize and store documents securely — it allows you to link data and documents in ways that streamline research and workflow.

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Who can benefit from the Civix Suite?

  • Do you create highly standardized documents such as legislation, by-laws, policy and minutes?
  • Do you spend far too much time on document style and format issues?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to manage amendments to your print and web content?
  • Are you frustrated by the search limitations of your web content?
  • Do you worry that changes in technology will eventually render your digital document archives unusable?
  • Are you looking for a secure way to deliver on open government initiatives?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then consider the Civix Suite: User-Friendly XML Publishing Tools, priced affordably for the Civic Sector.

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The value of the Civix Suite

You don't need to be an XML expert to benefit from the Civix Suite. The Civix Suite is XML-based technology that simplifies the publishing process for the non-technical Civic Sector professional. Civix integrates with your current processes so you don't have to re-invent the wheel— just make it a smoother ride. With Civix you can:

  • Create consistent, structurally sound documents using labour-saving editing features;
  • Standardize and automate document styles and formats so that you can concentrate on content;
  • Make amendments to a single document and push those amendments to web and print publications concurrently;
  • Enhance research and analytics with a new level of XML-based search capabilities;
  • Ensure your content is safely archived, auditable and reaching the right audiences.
  • Publish your documents in an open data platform.

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User Friendly XML Publishing Tools for the Civic Sector

The Civix Suite: innovative, affordable solutions to bring your publishing program into the web 2.0 universe.